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Industrial Batteries

Industrial BatteriesThe Stricklin Companies specialize in Maxell ER Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries, SR, and Coin Type Batteries, LIPB (Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries) and a wide range of special chemistries to answer all your needs. We supply custom configurations to some of the largest OEM and industrial manufactures in the business. Our relationships and understanding with engineers has been established over the past 35 years making our ability to manufacture and help design your product both efficient and quick.

AC/DC Adapters

AC/DC AdaptersFrom the smallest 2-watt outlet adapter to 450-watt power supplies, we offer scores of power adapters ranging across several cable and plug form factors and dozens of voltage outputs, with input voltages ranging from 90vac to 264vac. For virtually any power adapter requirement, The Stricklin Companies has you covered.

DFC (Diesel Fuel Catalyer)

DFC Diesel Fuel CatalyzerEnviroFuels DFC is an application-engineered, fuel bourne technology that utilizes proprietary technology to produce EPA verrified results. DFC improves the combustion process and reduces friction, increasing fuel economy while reducing emissions and engine wear. More Information.

Electro Fine Forming (EF2)

Electro Fine Forming (EF2) Unlike etching processes which etch away metal surfaces in a subtractive manner, EF2 is an additive process which forms and builds metal geometries in a highly controlled and precise manner enabling greater miniaturization than chemical and laser etching processes.

The Oberg Tilt Lift

The Oberg Tilt Lift Engine SlingThe fully adjustable Oberg Tilt Lift Engine Sling alleviates the need for additional muscle when the time comes to pull then replace that rebuilt block from whence it came. Armed with a 1/2-inch ratchet, you can confront engine pulls and installations single handedly. The 3/16-inch diameter aircraft cable is rated at 2000 lbs of tensile strength; with a 3:1 safety load factor, the cable is capable of supporting 6,000 lbs.
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Plastic injection molding & tooling
Batteries & custom battery packs
Steel tooling for progressive dies
AC/DC adapters
Cables and Harnesses
Electroformed Products (EF2)
Envirofuels engine products
Logistics management

The Stricklin Companies provides a variety of custom products and manufacturing services to industrial clients and Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM’s).

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Oberg Tilt Lift Engine Sling
Blue Marble-2-Cycle Oil
Rev-er-up motor oil treatment
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The Stricklin Companies offeres a variety of unique products to customers.